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Online Investigation Services

Effectively Combating Violators

In today's world, where virtual spaces are becoming increasingly attractive to intellectual property infringers, the need for an effective and reliable digital investigations mechanism is becoming more and more urgent. The anonymity provided by the Internet serves as a hiding place for attackers who can violate laws and the rights of other users with impunity. This is true both for personal accounts and for businesses operating online.

In this difficult situation, online investigation services from DigitAge come to the rescue. We conduct an in-depth analysis of offenders' profiles and take all necessary measures to identify and suppress their activities.

How Does the Online Investigation Services Work?

We conduct fairly extensive activities which include:

  • Analyzing Profiles of Infringers. The service performs a thorough analysis of potential intruders, such as their activity in the online space, history of actions and possible patterns of behavior. This allows us to detect and identify individuals who hide their identity behind the anonymity of the Internet and threaten the reputation of your business.
  • Gathering and Analyzing Evidence. Online Investigation Services help not only to discover all facts of violations but also to identify key fragments of information from the huge amount of evidence. With this information, it's easier for lawyers to build cases against infringers, providing adequate proof and arguments for trials.
  • Prevention of Repeat Offenses. Once fraudsters have been successfully identified and stopped, the service monitors and controls to ensure that repeat violations are not a problem. This includes regularly analyzing and tracking the activities of previously detected offenders on the Internet.
  • Results Reporting. Clients are provided with detailed information and analysis of investigations, as well as an explanation of all available options to move the case forward. This helps to make informed decisions and act on reliable data.
  • Developing a Brand Protection Strategy. We also help develop customized strategies to protect your business to reduce the risk of anonymous breaches in the online environment of the future. This includes cybersecurity recommendations, breach prevention measures and monitoring the Internet for potential threats.

Thus, Online Investigation Services play a key role in combating anonymous intellectual property and privacy infringers, fraudsters and copycats. The DigitAge platform ensures the protection of client's interests and assists in maintaining law and order in the online space.

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