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The essence of the service and legal aspects

In the modern digital world, where business activities are increasingly moving into the online space, brand protection is becoming a critical issue for companies of all sizes, from small creative startups to large, recognizable brands. Using the internet to promote a business opens the door to a vast global marketplace, but also presents threats in the form of infringement, defamation or unfair competition. In this article we will look at the importance of protecting a brand in the digital space, the various violations and the legal aspects involved in dealing with them.

The importance of brand protection on the internet

A brand is one of a company's most valuable assets. It reflects its reputation, values and recognizability among consumers. In the online environment, businesses can face a variety of threats, including:

  • Counterfeit and fake products. Online platforms often feature goods that mimic branded products. This not only damages the brand’s reputation and consumer trust but will also impact sales revenue. Fake products can be hazardous and harmful and can cause regulatory issues.
  • Illegal use of trademarks and logos. Domain name squatting, when domain names incorporating a trademark or brand name of a legitimate business are registered with the intention of profiting from it, or a misleading advertising campaign, when a competitor’s trademark is used without the right owner’s knowledge, or just a common trademark infringement, when a product offer on the online is created using the legitimate brand within, are examples of illegal use of trademarks and logos. Such misuse of the company's trademarks can mislead consumers about the authenticity of products or services, as well as create the impression of cooperation with unreliable partners. This always has a negative impact on the sales and reputation of the business

Types of violations and legal aspects

Combating online brand encroachment requires an understanding of the different types of infringement and the use of appropriate legal tools. The DigitAge offers comprehensive Brand Protection Services that provide clients with solutions such as:

  • Online Brand Protection. We develop strategies and activities to safeguard your brand and stop abuse of your brand in the online environment.
  • Anti-piracy Protection. We help protect your copyrights and fight content piracy online. This includes discovering and removing illegally uploaded content that violates company copyrights from online platforms and social media.
  • Searching for and removing counterfeit goods. We monitor the online environment and marketplaces for counterfeit and knockoff products that imitate customers' branded products (full copying, imitation of designs or inventions, etc.). When such infringements are detected, steps are taken to remove them and crack down on illegal sellers.
  • Domain Dispute Resolution. Clients are provided with expert support in resolving disputes related to the illegal use of the company's brands or their registration by cybersquatters. This includes filing complaints and appeals to the relevant authorities to recover domains and stop their unauthorized use.
  • Monitoring and analytics of online presence. Our service continuously monitors the Internet for company mentions, trademarks and keywords related to client business. This allows us to quickly and efficiently identify potential threats, including counterfeit products, incidents of unauthorized advertising campaigns and other facts of unauthorized use and respond to them promptly.

In addition, one of the key services provided by DigitAge is Amazon Brand Protection. Given the significant presence of brands on this platform and the growth of e-commerce, this service becomes especially important and includes the following activities:

  • Listing Monitoring;
  • Removing illegal listings;
  • Stop violations of sales policies;
  • Data analysis and reporting.

We provide a comprehensive approach to protecting a client's company on one of the biggest online platforms, helping to prevent loss of revenue, protect reputation and maintain consumer confidence.

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