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An Overview

When your brand is misused or copyright asset is stolen, you lose more than yourintellectual property rights. Violators steal your revenue, your time and your peace ofmind.

Every time an infringement of copyright, trademark or patent is found and removed, theviolators don’t stop there. They re-evaluate and reconfigure. They repeat the process butnext time they’re smarter.

Nowadays, counterfeiters work effectively and intelligently. You won’t be able to find themthrough a simple Google search as they know not to use certain wording. They create their own websites and sales pages in order to look legitimate. But the truth is,they’re not selling their own products, they’re stealing yours. Digitate IP offer completely‘done for you’ brand protection services.

Our Approach?

Discover. Determine. Deal With.

Determine the best next steps

Unlike many other services, Digitage IP offers the perfect blend of technology and human advice.

But what makes Digitage IP stand out is the fact we have an experienced team who look at the results that technology provides with human eyes.

It will never be the case that technology can give you all the answers.

The smoke alarm lets you know the house is on fire but its real life firemen that turn up to put it out.

Digitage’s team has worked with companies at all stages – from start-ups to multinational corporations. We know which strategy will suit your particular set of needs and requirements.

Discover infringements

Protecting your business’ identity requires expert-level dedication. Counterfeiters don’t work 9 – 5. As soon as you identify and remove a violation, there’s the real possibility that three more have popped up in their place.

Protecting your business’ identity requires expert-level dedication. Counterfeiters don’t work 9 – 5. As soon as you identify and remove a violation, there’s the real possibility that three more have popped up in their place.

Digitage’s anti-piracy and brand protection strategy scours the internet – searching through social media, online marketplaces, e-commerce sites and search engines. We use artificial intelligence which works tirelessly to find out where infringements are taking place.

Whether you’re selling: Physical products in a brick and mortar store, Physicals products through online marketplaces, Your talent whether that’s art or music, TV shows or films, Photos, books or other written content, Any kind of digital content whatsoever

You can rest assured that at Digitage IP, we have successfully protected products and content like yours before.

Deal with intellectual property infringements fast

We know you don’t have the time to read lengthy reports or sit in drawn out meetings.

We’ll cut to the chase – giving you the facts, options and implementing the solutions fast.

The Digitage team becomes an extended part of your team.

We appreciate that every business we protect is different and therefore each of our clients gets a tailored plan for their brand protection strategy.

You can speak to an actual human being whenever you need to and won’t be palmed off to a chatbot or contact form.

Our team works completely remotely so we can be accessible when you need us – no waiting to make an appointment or traveling to our office.


Our services

Brand Protection

Whether you are a start-up or an established global brand which produces a successful product, you will always be a target for counterfeiters. That can harm your brand’s reputation and business profit. We can help you set up an effective brand protection strategy and minimize the harm.

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Online Investigation Services

Why do those who violate your intellectual property love the online world? Anonymity. There are a number of sophisticated ways that violators hide their identity to avoid repercussions. Our online investigation service takes a deep dive into the offending profiles and takes every step necessary to identify and stop the right sources.

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Anti-Piracy Protection

Every single unofficial copy of your content equals lost revenue. It is also a violation of the law. As pirates become more sophisticated, your business must take effective, synchronized steps to stop them in their tracks.

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Impersonation Removal

You didn’t invest time and energy creating your brand for poor imitators to steal your sales. Impersonators hide in plain sight – on social media, in digital auctions or on their own websites. Low standard copies ruin trust in your customer base and throw off even the most robust business plans.

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Continuous Monitoring

We conduct 24/7 internet-wide monitoring of search engines, social media platforms, torrent, image, music and video hosting websites and streaming services. We expose unauthorized use of your copyright content and have it legally removed.


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